Discovery 2

He looked down at the cute naked 13 year old sleeping next to him. Grinning he felt Ashley’s firm round buttocks pressing against his morning wood. He scrabbled around with his hand to find his cell phone and flipped it open. 7:14, he had time. Shifting his body down slightly Matt licked his fingers and inserted them between Ashley’s legs and into her cunt for lubrication. He then slipped his ready cock in place of his fingers, beginning the orgasmic grind. Despite the growing sensation in his lower area he noticed Ashley’s breathing getting faster. “Morning”
“Morniaaaahhh” she replied as a jolt of pleasure hit her. 
Matt started shoving faster encouraged by Ashley’s continued moans. He could feel the climax coming and started pounding her cunt to match. 
He started groaning himself and then,
“Matt wait”. That statement almost deflated him right away and he started slowing down,
“You how last night I swallowed your stuff?”
“Well it tasted kinda nice and I was hoping to try it again”
“Cum, you want me to cum in your mouth?”
Matt lost no time in pulling out of her now soaking cunt and scrambling forwards out of the sleeping bag. Ashley smiled at him and made her own way out of the sleeping bag and onto her knees. Matt walked forwards and gripped her head, directing her head onto his hard member. After she started sucking she held onto his legs and bobbed her head back and forwards on his dick. Holding on as long as he could Matt decided to give his all into the next shot. “Fuuuuccccckkkk” he sighed as he burst inside her mouth. Ashley started to rear back for breath.
“Oh no you don’t, you wanted this” Matt said as he forced her head back. He kept his hands in place until he saw her start to swallow. As he let her go she pulled of gasping. To his delight as soon as she caught her breath she went back and cleaned up all the leftover cum, grinning as she licked her lips. Sitting down Matt reached again for his cellphone while putting his other hand around Ashley who had crawled up to cuddle with him. 7:45. “dam”, the others would be waking soon. Matt lifted Ashley up and layed her back on the mattress on the floor. Picking up her cotton panties he put her legs through the holes. He slid them down her legs until he reached her butt which he cupped and lifted up so he could get the panties up to her hips. Silently Ashley sat back up and raised her arms, allowing Matt to slip her night skirt over her. She then helped him slip on his tshirt and underwear, taking one last look before she did so. Standing up Matt pulled up his pants and picked up the sleeping bag.
“Come on lets get back, before people ask questions”. Ashley nodded and headed out the door. As they walked down the hallway Matt decided to take a risk and gave a quick slap to Ashley’s obvious butt, extracting a surprised squeal. She shot a look at him but couldn’tresist blushing when Matt smiled and shrugged at her. When they got to her room she quietly opened the door and looked inside before crawling into bed and feigning sleep. Matt closed the door and carried on to the semi lounge where luckily the other guys were asleep from watching the movie last night.

“Could everybody please gather in the main hall in 10 minutes as we will be leaving soon”. Everybody was going on a trip to a walkway some 20 minutes drive away.
Matt met up with Ashley walking down the hallway, “you ready?’’
“meh, its gona be boring”.
“No, that is your punishment for your behaviour”
“but everybody’s going’’
“everyone except you and me’’
Drawing closer Matt and Ashley glimpsed little Monica almost crying in front her mother Heather.
“don’t think I like this either, your stopping me from going as well”
Matt winked at Ashley and headed up to Heather leaving the room. 
“Excuse me Heather but I couldn’t help overhearing”
“Oh yes sorry about that”
“no no that’s ok I was just wondering if you wanted me and Ashley to watch Monica while you go on the walk”
“are you sure? Oh that would be marvellous thank you”
“no problem’’.

“See ya later” Matt and Ashley waved as the cars started down the drive.
“so what you wana do” Ashley asked as they walked to check on Monica.
Matt opened the door to where Monica was lying on the bed red eyed, for some reason Matt took notice of Monica’s checkerd skirt riding quite far up her legs.’possible?’.
Closing the door Matt turned back to Ashley
Matt picked up ‘Death Race’ and slipped it into the Dvd slot. Turning around Matt saw Ashley had already layed back on the couch with her knees partway up. Matt made sure to sit down opposite her so that he could peep up her jean miniskirt.
Unfortunately her legs were so close together he couldn’t see anything. As the starting credits came on Matt spun the other way around and lay his head on the couch, trying to get a better angle. Still no luck.
“So you been having fun?”
“you wana try something new?”
“how many things are there”
“you can just make new things up, anyway you wana try?”
“right now first things first, stand here in front of me”. Uncertainly Ashley stood up looking at him. With his eager hands Matt quickly unbuttoned her skirt to reveal her blue panties waiting underneath.
“ok you do the rest”. Ashley pushed her skirt down and stepped out of it, as she started on her shirt revealing a matching blue bra Matt tore his own shirt off. Pulling her back into his arms he managed to extract a surprised squeal and undid her bra clasp himself. As her bra fell of he turned her around and sat her on his knees. With a quick flick he stripped her panties of leaving a completely nude girl in his arms. Giggling she started to position her crotch over his and lower down, however before she could he gripped her andheld her still.
“not this time”
Matt lifted her back up slightly and moved her crotch forwards a tiny bit before lowering her other hole down on top of his proud cock.
There was instant opposition
“wait!, matt!, that’s my butt!”
“Yup, don’t worry it should fit”
Taking that as acceptance Matt finished lowering her small ass hole onto the tip of his cock and began to slowly insert,
“Oh god” it was so tight, unfortunately his arms were beginning to tire from holding Ashley so he picked her up and rolled her over to the side of the couch.
“what, done already?”
“na lets get a better position”
“ok so how do I do it?”
“Im pretty sure you go on all fours like a dog”
“Im not a dog”
“Oh really?” And with that he grabbed her again and wrestled her onto the ground face down.
“down girl” he insisted as he moved her body into position and divided her legs, when she continued to wriggle a bit he decided to try something he had seen on tv, he smacked her on the ass. Almost in shock Ashley stopped moving. Prepping himself up Matt started his entry.
As her ass was quite tight and he didn’t want to hurt her Matt entered slowly and only a small bit first before pulling back, gradually he inserted more and more. In case Ashley wasn’t enjoying it as much as he was he started to finger her. He was a bit surprised to find her clit already soaking, ‘she was enjoying it’. With her tight round butthole squeezing on his cock he started to thrust deeper and faster, drawing moans from Ashley. He decided to leave her clit alone and moved both his hands up and around her breasts, rubbing the tits around. Inserting himself almost to the hilt Matt knew he wasn’t going to last long with all the pressure and started pushing faster and harder drawing cries from Ashley 
“IM GONA CUM”. With that encouragement Matt plunged forwards one more time and released his load into Ashley’s small confine. He didn’t hear any response so he pulled out and rolled her over onto her back with her legs splayed up, going back to work with her pussy he fingered her quickly.
“aaaaahhhhh”, her legs twitched as orgasms shook her. With her cum pouring out Matt quickly bent down and lapped it up, sending more orgasms through Ashley.

Finally She lowered her legs and looked up at Matt smiling,
“We’ll have to do that one again sometime”. Matt lay back leaning against the couch, Ashley’s comment had stirred some life back into his proud soldier. Seeing the rise Ashley sat back up and leant forwards to give it a kiss.
“Oh hell yes, don’t you dare stop”. Obediently Ashley gave his member another kiss, then a lick, she made sure to circle the whole area before engulfing it all in her thirsty mouth. She was gaining experience and she now knew how to breathe through her noes so that no time was spent away from the cock. Sucking hard she started bobbing her head up and down under Matts guiding hands and let him force his cock further in. Matt watched Ashley’s head bob up and down making sure she took in more every time. Not so long after his last Matt knew he was about to blow his load and began forcing Ashley’s head faster and faster.
“here we go”. And with that he released, holding Ashley’s head still so that she took it all in. There was a bit of coughing but soon he saw her swallow and grin up at him. 
Silently she crawled up onto him and lay with his arms wrapped around her bare ass still a bit red, in the sun they closed their eyes. After a minute or so Matt opened his eyes realising they had better pack up before everyone came back. What he saw however made his heart stop. There standing metres away was Monica silently staring with massive eyes.
“Shit” Matt thought.

Hey guys I think this is better than the last one, ill check any comments and maybe write another chapter.>>
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